bunk beds in a hostel

Tightwad Travel Tip #6: Hostels

Your next travel tale starts here Hostels can unlock the power of your travel money. They can extend your vacation ...
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Sultanahmet Mosque

Travel in Turkey – The Ideas Behind a Country

Check out my article on trip finances to see how I ended up in Turkey in the first place "Sitting ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #5: Carry-On Essentials

Packing Smart When it comes to traveling, knowing how and what to pack is essential for long-term success and ease ...
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Debt – The Case Against Charging Your Trip

How do you pay for your trips? Do you hoard vast sums of money? Stow away pennies? Put it on ...
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Skill Mindset – How to Conquer Travel Fears

How do you see travel? Your answer to this question can greatly influence your past and future feelings toward it. I ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #4: Plastic Carry-On Bags

You've done everything right. You've successfully prepared for your three-week trip. You're carrying a lightweight, regular-sized backpack. You've cut your clothes, ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #3 – Use Price Matrices and Calendars

Searching For Flights Many people search for airfare the old-fashioned way: enter a departure city, arrival city, date of departure, and ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #2 – Flexibility Saves Ca$h

Flexibility doesn't just help you achieve Sirsa Padasana in your Sunday yoga class, but also when traveling. Do you have the flexibility ...
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My 3 Travel Guidelines

Planning a trip Recently I was helping my mom, aunt, and their 2 friends plan their trip to New York ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #1 – Pack for a Trip, Not a Lifetime

Taming the Suitcase Beast Have you ever gone on a weekend trip and somehow managed to pack 2 suitcases? I've ...
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