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June Recap: White-labeling and Importing

June was an incredibly busy month. I was wholly absorbed in its tasks. That said, it was also an admittedly ...
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May Recap – Making Money and Jumping Ahead

The Money Keeps Rolling In After months of endless work, I can finally start complaining: "Another day, another dollar." Well, ...
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April Recap – First FBA Success, Second Phase

Part 1 of 2: First Success January and March were full of planning. I built this blog, ordered my first ...
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Milestone – First FBA Complaint!

THE GOOD I originally expected my product to be a slow mover on FBA. One, maybe two in the first ...
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Milestone – First FBA sale!

Vindication After many months of researching, brainstorming, and preparing (1, 2), my product finally went live yesterday on FBA (for ...
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March Recap – First FBA Product and New Strategy

Somehow another month has come and gone. Unfortunately, if you read the post from February you will already know that not much ...
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February Recap – Projects and Ideas

Working on the go I grab every opportunity to travel. I usually don't go to the same place twice, but ...
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January Recap – Plans and Sampling 

Change of business plan Initially, I wanted to start by selling all my products using Amazon FBA. However, I decided ...
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