cargo ship leaving port

Importing products from China to America

If you're new to importing, Amazon FBA, or white-labeling, then you're in luck! Below is a simple guide for learning ...
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international trade cargo ship

June Recap: White-labeling and Importing

June was an incredibly busy month. I was wholly absorbed in its tasks. That said, it was also an admittedly ...
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flexibility many doors

Challenge #4: Removing the Middleman

I told everyone that I would work to create a simple summary of my current life plan. Well, my two ...
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multi-colored threads for sewing

White-labeling: Create your first brand

White-labeling is one of the best ways to earn more money in less time on Amazon. Discover how to white-label ...
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bunk beds in a hostel

Tightwad Travel Tip #6: Hostels

Your next travel tale starts here Hostels can unlock the power of your travel money. They can extend your vacation ...
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5 simple productivity hacks

5 Simple Productivity Hacks

Now that you understand how to use "productive chunks" you're ready to take your productivity to the next level! Mnemonics ...
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hour glass with red sand

Hack Your Routine: Productive Chunks

Want to catch up on the latest season of Orange Is the New Black but can't find the time? Fear ...
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sharpening a pencil sitting on a notebook

Challenge #3: Articulating My Life Plan

Second Challenge - (Not) being busy: complete! As I mentioned at the beginning of my second challenge, not being busy is ...
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studying at desk with coffee

Skill Mindset – Hard Work Over Talent

In this article, I want to lay down the simple groundwork for understanding success as based on effort. I will ...
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Energy to Succeed: How I Do It

Days of Business and Nights of Study I'm quickly approaching the halfway point of my year-long project. My days are ...
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Sultanahmet Mosque

Travel in Turkey – The Ideas Behind a Country

Check out my article on trip finances to see how I ended up in Turkey in the first place "Sitting ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #5: Carry-On Essentials

Packing Smart When it comes to traveling, knowing how and what to pack is essential for long-term success and ease ...
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Debt – The Case Against Charging Your Trip

How do you pay for your trips? Do you hoard vast sums of money? Stow away pennies? Put it on ...
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Map showing percentages of an Alibaba manufacturer's global distribution

Intro to “AliWorld” (Part 4) – Plunging into Product Pages

Part 1 - Sourcing from Abroad and Selling Domestically Part 2 - Basic Ways to Protect Your Money Part 3 ...
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Skill Mindset – How to Conquer Travel Fears

How do you see travel? Your answer to this question can greatly influence your past and future feelings toward it. I ...
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Challenge #2: (Not) Being “Busy” (Part 1)

First challenge - Meditation: complete! As promised, I started my meditation challenge with two 10-minute sessions. I started with the ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #4: Plastic Carry-On Bags

You've done everything right. You've successfully prepared for your three-week trip. You're carrying a lightweight, regular-sized backpack. You've cut your clothes, ...
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Intro to “AliWorld” (Part 3) – Filtering Results at a Glance

Part 1 - Sourcing from Abroad and Selling Domestically Part 2 - Basic Ways to Protect Your Money Flipping Through ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #3 – Use Price Matrices and Calendars

Searching For Flights Many people search for airfare the old-fashioned way: enter a departure city, arrival city, date of departure, and ...
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May Recap – Making Money and Jumping Ahead

The Money Keeps Rolling In After months of endless work, I can finally start complaining: "Another day, another dollar." Well, ...
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Intro to “AliWorld” (Part 2) – Basic Ways to Protect Your Money

Part 1 - Use Alibaba to Source from Abroad and Selling Domestically Retail Arbitrage 2.0 The idea of purchasing products ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #2 – Flexibility Saves Ca$h

Flexibility doesn't just help you achieve Sirsa Padasana in your Sunday yoga class, but also when traveling. Do you have the flexibility ...
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alibaba logo in english and chinese

Intro to “AliWorld” (Part 1) – Source from Abroad and Sell Domestically

Alibaba vs. AliExpress - What's the Difference? It's no secret to the FBA world that Alibaba and AliExpress are excellent places ...
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Challenge #1: Simple Meditation

The Challenges Begin! I mentioned in a former post that I wanted to challenge myself to do something new every 2 ...
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My 3 Travel Guidelines

Planning a trip Recently I was helping my mom, aunt, and their 2 friends plan their trip to New York ...
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The Most Quotable Book

Reading as a Hobby I'm a relatively avid reader. On average, I work my way through 1-2 books every week. In general, ...
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Tightwad Travel Tip #1 – Pack for a Trip, Not a Lifetime

Taming the Suitcase Beast Have you ever gone on a weekend trip and somehow managed to pack 2 suitcases? I've ...
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April Recap – First FBA Success, Second Phase

Part 1 of 2: First Success January and March were full of planning. I built this blog, ordered my first ...
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Milestone – First FBA Complaint!

THE GOOD I originally expected my product to be a slow mover on FBA. One, maybe two in the first ...
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Milestone – First FBA sale!

Vindication After many months of researching, brainstorming, and preparing (1, 2), my product finally went live yesterday on FBA (for ...
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March Recap – First FBA Product and New Strategy

Somehow another month has come and gone. Unfortunately, if you read the post from February you will already know that not much ...
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February Recap – Projects and Ideas

Working on the go I grab every opportunity to travel. I usually don't go to the same place twice, but ...
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January Recap – Plans and Sampling 

Change of business plan Initially, I wanted to start by selling all my products using Amazon FBA. However, I decided ...
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A New Beginning

New Year, New Job I’m too restless to postpone resolutions till the New Year. But this time I coincidentally have ...
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