June Recap: White-labeling and Importing

international trade cargo shipJune was an incredibly busy month. I was wholly absorbed in its tasks. That said, it was also an admittedly boring month. After all, who wants to spend a week learning about crate sizes and pallet placements?! Thankfully, there's a silver lining to June: now that I know these things, the next time will be exponentially easier and unimaginably faster. In the future, an hour of emailing will accomplish what took me 10 days to learn by trial and error. 

January to June

Through these first 6 months, I've learned a few very important lessons: 

  • This learning curve is steep, it flattens out pretty quickly, and there are only a couple major spikes along the way 
  • I wasted too much time researching products because I didn't have enough capital to take more frequent risks
  • Taking baby steps (see April recap: First FBA Success, Second Phase) is comfortable, but ultimately unnecessary. If you know where you want to be, then do your due diligence and take the leap.

Reference articles

The entire month of June revolved around getting my first branded (white-labeled) product off the ground and shipped. Instead of my usual post dedicated to summarizing the month, I've decided to link to 2 articles that detail the overarching themes of June.

  1. A general description about white-labeling products: what they are and how you can get started
  2. Importing, shipping, and freight forwarders: 1 particular issue I've had in the white-labeling process

Have any questions about white-labeling or importing? Add your comments below!


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