Intro to “AliWorld” (Part 4) – Plunging into Product Pages

Part 1 - Sourcing from Abroad and Selling Domestically

Part 2 - Basic Ways to Protect Your Money

Part 3 - Filtering Results at a Glance

Product Page

Now that we've seen how to handle the search results page, let's take a quick turn to an Alibaba product page. We used "small battery-powered bluetooth speaker" as the example in Part 3 , so let's continue with that. 

 small battery powered waterproof bluetooth speaker alibaba product page


Just like the results page, we are given a lot of information. Taking a step back for a second allows us to notice that we've already seen a lot of this information. We've seen some of the product information (like price per piece) and supplier information (like the number of transactions in the last 6 months) in the search results. That's all repeated here.

We do, however, have some extra details. We now have access to more photos (below the main photo), a description of the product (below), and a clearer look at the manufacturer. 

"Response time"

Clicking here shows us more about what that means:

alibaba product page message response time


Once there, we can click through the menu on the left side.

"Trade capacity"

Shows where their products are going:

alibaba transaction geographic map foreign trade


"Production capacity"

Shows me how many they can capable of making, the location and size of their factory, the types of products they can make, and much more: 

product research alibaba production capacity


"Transaction Level"

What "transaction level" means for this manufacturer:

transaction level on Alibaba

Stick around for part 5 if you want to see how I organize all this information into a useful Excel sheet!

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