Tightwad Travel Tip #2 – Flexibility Saves Ca$h

Flexibility doesn't just help you achieve Sirsa Padasana in your Sunday yoga class, but also when traveling.

Do you have the flexibility it takes to travel on a tight budget and still have a good time? Find out why it's important and how to maximize it!


Growing Up on an Airplane

When I was 12, I flew to Colorado to visit my aunt and uncle. This was my first time on an airplane by myself.

Now, fast forward 15 years. From the Americas to Europe to Asia, I've hopped all over the globe on my own. If there's one thing that I've learned, it's this: researching ticket prices pays off. 

Before I get started, it's only fair to mention that, historically, my schedule is unlike most people's. I have an unusual degree of flexibility in choosing the dates and durations of my trips.

This, in fact, is Tip #1: if you're looking to save money and have flexibility, choosing the right dates can save you a ton.

Piggy bank for travel

Real World Savings

Though a very basic tip, the amount of money it can save you makes it worth mentioning. For example, I recently booked 2 tickets: 1 from St. Louis to DC, and 1 from NYC to St. Louis. I paid $92 for each. My requirements? A) less than $100 one-way, B) sometime in May.

Shortly after, I helped my mom and her friends book round trip tickets from St. Louis to NYC. Their available dates and departure times were rigid, and they paid the price. Their requirements? Must leave on June 15, must depart before 8AM, must leave NY on June 18, and must depart after 2PM. They paid about $350 a piece. 

Rigidity cost them $166 per person, or $664 total for the 4 travelers. That's 90% more!

Support for Their Expensive Plane Ticket

This was not a bad choice, and there's nothing wrong with booking tickets in that way. Each person has a different set of goals and restraints when booking a trip. My goal was to minimize costs by taking advantage of my flexible schedule. Their goal was to coordinate the hectic, structured work schedule of 4 people in order to squeeze in a trip that is ideally placed on the calendar during a prime travel period.

For you personally, what do you think is the biggest constraint that's costing you money on trips? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Join me next time for more great travel tips! 

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