February Recap – Projects and Ideas

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I grab every opportunity to travel. I usually don't go to the same place twice, but family in Denver, beautiful mountains, and $70 round-trip flights on Frontier conspire to get me out to Colorado a few times a year. However, my aunt broke her ankle in 3 places during this trip. I decided to extend my stay by a few weeks to help out. 

But no problem, right? I mean, the whole point of getting into this business was for the freedom to travel!

Wrong. Well, sort of. It's not that the idea is wrong, but that my business hasn't developed to that level yet.

Where things stand

At this point, my main task is still to look for the best products to sell and test how everything works. There are 2 main problems confronting me while in Colorado:

  1. All the samples I purchased have been mailed to my house
  2. Because I will sell directly from my home for the first few months (before switching to FBA), I can't move any products while I'm away  

But not one to waste time, I've been busy brainstorming about how I can meld my work and travel lives closer together. My latest idea can be summarized in 1 word: projects.

Along with travel, I LOVE projects! Projects:

  • have pre-defined goals (like: learn how to establish a passive income stream for when you're traveling)
  • have start and stop dates (I set the dates of travel)
  • have progress that can be easily tracked (example: am I making money?)
  • can change as frequently as I can finish them

A big goal with this blog is to show that frequent and long-term travel is possible with a business like this. Blogging will help me share the experience and keep a record of my progress. So, what kinds of projects am I thinking of?

Future projects

  1. The most basic and obvious project: automate work, then travel
    • Goal: show what I have to do before a trip so that I don't have to work while traveling
      • Pro: care-free travel
      • Con: a lot of work beforehand + might not be enough
  2. Next most basic and obvious: work while traveling
    • Goal: show how just an hour of work in the morning is enough to keep me on track
      • Pro: isn't a big part of the vacation (especially when traveling for months at a time)
      • Con: you still have to work while on the trip
  3.  Couchsurfing + Uber road trip
    • Travel for free by using 1 - Couchsurfing for free accommodation and 2 - Uber for gas money, all while keeping up with my company's needs
      • Pro: meet lots of new people
      • Con: restrictions on ridesharing based on driver's license and the state you're in
  4. Language study abroad
    • Spend a semester abroad studying a foreign language while operating my American business
      • Pros: learning new languages is one of my favorite things to do!
      • Cons: costs more than traveling (can't easily use Couchsurfing for 3 months)

Ok, so those are less like projects than just challenges to see how far I can push this idea, but you get the picture. Inaccurate nomenclature notwithstanding, I'm excited to see how it all plays out! Feel free to add more ideas in the comments section below.

As always, thanks for tuning in for the monthly update!

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