A New Beginning

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New Year, New Job

I’m too restless to postpone resolutions till the New Year. But this time I coincidentally have a big plan that will start on January 1: a year-long project in entrepreneurship!

2016 was another year for the books. Scrolling through my photos, reminiscing about the people I met and the places I went, it’s nearly impossible to feel any regret about how it turned out.

Almost every aspect of my life works in concert to drive me closer to my goals. But one remains incongruous and unrelated to the rest of my life:



Life goals

I always say that I was born to retire (just 38 years, 6 months, and 27 days until I’m 65!) and that hasn’t changed. But joking aside, I realize now that work must fall in line with the rest, not the other way around. So starting today I'm a self-employed importer/exporter!

Over the last two weeks, I founded the company and got the bare bones up and running. While my idea is still in its infancy, I hope this plan will lead my work and personal lives closer together. The goals are being reshaped and refined every day. Although this is just the beginning, I'm ready to see what happens!

As part of this project, I will blog about my experiences (both good and bad). To get started, all I had to do was purchase hosting service from BlueHost for less than $5 a month! If you are interested in watching the story unfold, feel free to check out my blog “The Baffled Businessman” on my new website, Facebook, or Twitter (see links below).

Future of the project

What will happen on December 31, 2017? Will I continue down this path, try something else related to foreign trade, or completely jump ship? I honestly can’t say. What I can say is that, come what may, I am confident that this will yet again be another year without regret.

Best wishes to everyone in fulfilling their goals for 2017!


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